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Evil Dead Uproot is a Documentary about the filming locations for Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2.

We have traveled to Chicago, IL. Cleveland, OH, Wadesboro, NC. Morristown, TN. & Pittsburg, PA.

With follow up trips planned for 2017 along with a few new places we hope to continue the quest to bring fans an inside look at the locations history and how they look today.


We have had conversations with the Actors and Crew from the films as well as locals who had a helping hand or simply had something to say about the films being made in their town.


With permission, we have viewed the cabin site for Evil Dead 2 and spoke with the owner about his experiences with fans. Denied permission to the cabin site for Evil Dead, we cover the reasons why and our struggle to respectfully find out more about that piece of land in the film. We cover plenty of extra insight for the filming of Evil Dead, as we strive to make sure fans get as much information about the original movie as they can.


We also would like to be advocates to warn people from seeking out the Evil Dead cabin site, be respectful and law abiding fans. It is private property and they do not want people going out there. We hope the documentary gives you enough to ease the need to hike out there.

Everything on this site and in the documentary is done with written permission from the parties involved.

We are seeking out people involved in the filming of these movies or stories if you lived in the towns they were filmed in.

E-mail us or Give us a call!

Help make us keep making this thing happen!

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