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When Mike Pasquale of recovered the cabin shell and work shed used in Evil Dead 2 from its home in Wadesboro, NC we reached out about doing a short documentary on his experience.After going to Pittsburgh to film him and see what he had done, we decided that Evil Dead Uproot could be much more!


We have gone back and took a look at the history of the filming locations of the cult classics Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. Traveling to the filming locations in search of information of how these were picked for the filming spots, what happened after filming and where they are now?
We have spoke with locals to see how the movie may have affected the town they live in. Extras and the work they put in on the films.

Bruce Campbell interviews with Evil Dead Uproot
Betsy Baker of Evil Dead

We will have thoughts from the stars of the movies including Bruce Campbell (Ash) and Betsy Baker (Linda), Hal Delrich (Scotty), Ellen Sandweiss (Cheryl), and Theresa Tilly (Shelly).We also got to chat with artist/make-up/special effects Tom Sullivan and Bart Pierce and hope to add many more.

Ellen Sandweiss of Evil Dead
Hal Delrich of Evil Dead
Theresa Tilly of Evil Dead

We have viewed areas in Morristown, TN where Evil Dead was filmed, The Cabin site is on private property and with respect we did not trespass and were denied access to the site. The movie will show what we went through and reasons why. We spoke with locals there, an archivist and more.  We have viewed the remains of the Evil Dead 2 site which was used for the outside scenes of the movie, been to the gym the set was built in, spoke to the owners of both as well as extras who worked on the film and locals who visited the set.

Tom Sullivan special effects and make for Evil Dead
Bart Pierce Special effect for Evil Dead

We have covered the story of mega fan Mike Pasquale ( who is now in possession of the Work shed from Evil Dead 2, show him setting up the shed and how obtaining it has change his life. We speak to fans everywhere we go.

With follow up trips planned for 2017 along with a few new places we hope to continue the quest to bring fans an inside look at the locations history and how they look today.

Along with few more surprises we hope people will enjoy learning about not only the movie making part of film, but the history of a classic movie and where its roots came from.

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