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During our uprooting of the Evil Dead filming locations, Morristown local and "fake shemp" on the original the Evil Dead contacted us about helping with the film. 

We had an interview with him for the film but also put together a more general interview for the fans since he has been out of the public eye when it comes to the Evil Dead. 

We hope fans enjoy this interview as much as we did. David is a great guy and we really appreciate and enjoy his help. 

This clip is a short part of Mike Pasquale's interview where he talks about saving the Evil Dead 2 cabin & workshed from being destroyed.
This clip is just a quick preview and may be different in the final film.

These are just a small sample of some of the stories and interviews about Evil Dead 2. All footage is raw and unedited and does not reflect the final film. 
We just wanted to share a small bit of the film for the 30 year anniversary!

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