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Luminous Midnight Films was created by Matthew Powell and L.j Landrum, after a few small projects together we decided to make it an official company.

Formally Walltie Films the name was changed to better reflect our combined vision and style,

L.j's take on the lighter side and Matthew's vision of darkness.

​After a few years of running around making wedding videos we broke off to focus on Music Videos and Commercials, all the while making short films and taking part in film competitions.

We have two Documentaries in the works "Evil Dead Uproot" and "For Funks Sake, the story of Toddzilla"

We are currently not taking new clients on any level as we want to focus on finishing the documentaries

and work on our full length film.

Matthew Powell

I started right out of High School making movies in  my backyard. I attended NSCC for Visual Communications and continue to educate myself in the craft of film making. I have 19 years experience and have received multiple awards for short films I have created and   music videos. 

L.j Landrum

I have 4 years of schooling in the arts, focusing on set design, stage production, dance, acting and art. .I  have self taught myself

photography and cinematography and continue to educate myself in this craft I love.

I have multiple PA credits and one Stunt hand credit.

I love creating memories  for people to keep for years to come.

We are always looking for new Actors and Crew, if you are
interested in joining our team drop us an e-mail.
Contact us here.
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