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The Spark of an idea...

Matthew and I finally took a break from filming weddings, music videos and our documentary about Toddzilla to have a getaway trip to French Lick, IN at the French Lick resort. They were having a train ride with The Wizard of Oz being played out, I had to go! So we agreed it would be fun and made plans.

About a week before this trip, he was looking around the inner web for Evil Dead related news, as he does. Now, let me explain something before I go into what he found and how it changed everything within a weeks’ time. Matthew being a huge Evil Dead fan always had hopes of seeing the filming sites, we talked about it read other sites and saw people’s pictures and videos from going there. We also read the warnings of NOT going there! He may or may not have looked for the site of the first cabin haha 😉 but with online research we knew there wasn’t much there, knew the stories of it burning down etc.

With Evil Dead 2, he knew there was a lot left to see there from other web sites. I would say, let’s try to find the owners and ask them! But we heard that was not a good idea and it wouldn’t work… I was willing to pay these people to let him go there at least once! But, out of respect I never tried, I had no real reason to expect my best friend wanted to really see it.

So, the week before our getaway…. Low and behold! A fan contacted the owner and not only got to go there, he was removing the work shed! Matthew reached out right away to this fan, Mike being the nice guy he is told him all about it, after a few emails the idea was sparked to make a short documentary about what Mike did. He agreed! So, French Lick would be a day getaway and off to Pittsburgh we would go after that. His goal we to get the story, maybe get a piece of wood and be happy with that. Little did we know it would spark a friendship AND a crazy idea to take it to a new level….


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